Getting to know the Mr Best product brand
The Mr Best product brand aims to bring greater excitement and enjoyment to all snack lovers. You can always expect a little more from Mr Best in variety, flavour, quality and value.

The Mr Best brand persona is a character who enjoys snacking as a favourite pastime. He is candid and outgoing, and is a natural in different occasions, from parties, picnics, to watching movies, or just plain chilling out. Everyone loves to be with Mr Best, especially when he turns up with his famous tasty cashews!

The Mr Best logo depicts a nut-shaped character wearing a white chef hat or toque and gloves to convey his passion in producing irresistible nut snacks. He loves recommending them to snack lovers, which is represented by the 'thumbs up' hand sign. The khaki colour in the logo is commonly associated with nuts and the orange colour depicts vibrancy and energy that appeals to Mr Best's fans.

As one of the well-loved brands in Malaysia market, Mr Best aspires to be a trend leader in nut-based snacks. With new flavours being rolled out on a regular basis, customers can always expect an exciting snacking experience!
Mr Best – Always a Little More  
We have an extensive range of products to satisfy your taste buds.
Peanuts and Groundnuts
Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruits
Peas, Beans and Seeds

Honey Cashews

Delicious, fresh cashews gently roasted and smothered in honey. Simply scrumptious.

Available in 35g, 70g and 100g
  Garlic Cashews

The characteristic luscious taste of wild garlic is easily noticeable the moment your palate meets this crisp aromatic fanfare of garlic and other flavorsome spices. This strong distinct flavor not only perfectly complements many of today's cuisines but melds with classic roasted cashews to create an exotic and exciting delight.
Salted Cashews

Choice cashews roasted and salted. Probably one of our best selling nuts.

Available in 35g, 70g and 100g
  Salted Pistachios

Specially chosen pistachios roasted and lightly sprinkled with salt for that ultimate enjoyment. .

Available in 35g, 70g and 100g
Mixed Nuts

Go nuts for Mr Bestís enticing assortment of mixed nuts that delivers an irresistible flavor combination. Be sure to experience a full-bodied savory punch in every crunch of this salted nut mix, which will be a sure favorite at any gathering or party.
Mixed Nuts

Go nuts for Mr Bestís enticing assortment of mixed nuts that delivers an irresistible flavor combination. Be sure to experience a full-bodied savory punch in every crunch of this salted nut mix, which will be a sure favorite at any gathering or party.
  Roasted Peanuts

Selected peanuts are roasted to a perfect golden-brown finish for that smooth and rich aftertaste.
Muruku Mixture

Mr Bestís Muruku Mixture is made with only the most premium soybeans and flavorful spices as well as precise cooking methods, giving this quick fulfilling snack the most charming taste and crisp-brown appeal. Popularly savored as a South Indian delicacy prepared during special occasions, this crunchy and flavorful snack is a blend of ingredients the whole family would love. Comes in handy to serve with hot tea or coffee, packed in childrenís lunches, offer to guests or even munched anytime you like!
  Cracker Peanut

A crispy and spicy rendition of peanut coated with batter.
Coconut Peanut

What would it be like to experience the tropical taste of coconut with rich savory peanuts? Mr Best brings to you the matrimony of peanuts and coconut concoction made from the delicious sweet milk of young coconuts that ensures its sweet taste and fragrant aroma.
  Sweet Peanut

These peanuts are galvanized in spices and sugar to achieve that characteristic mildly sweet yet earthy taste.
Sugar Peanut

Peanuts coated with fine sugar. Simply finger-licking!
  Coated Green Peas

Green peas generously coated with special batter. For those who love their snacks extra crunchy.

Available in 70g and 100g
Kelong Mixed

Carefully selected Ikan Bilis and peanuts simmered in piquant lip-smacking Sambal chili, flaunting a uniquely Southeast Asian flavor.
  Green Peas

Selected New Zealand green peas are processed and sun-dried then fried to give it a crisp finish.
Chick Peas

These Turkish chickpeas are deep fried to crunchiness and lightly salted.
  Roasted Gram

Mr Best Roasted Gram is a tasty snack of roasted chickpeas to satisfy your cravings for something salty and savory. You may even stir them into pastas, toss them in the lieu of crotons in salads or crush into crumbs to use as breading.
Curry Coated Green Peas

The marvelous combination of pungent Malaysian curry and green peas will wildly stir your palate.
  Unskin Broad Bean

Carefully selected Australian broad beans are delicately skinned to ensure its intactness.
Kacang Putih

Mr Best Kacang Putih is a unique variety of chickpea originating from Turkey that is roasted to crispiness just as they are.
  Skin Broad Bean

Selected broad beans are pan roasted and relished in salt for a delectable aftertaste.
Satay Broad Bean

Relinquish the flavor of Singaporean Street food from the 60s with this rendition of broad beans coated with Singapore curry and aromatic herbs. Great for those who do not prefer the subdued taste of original broad beans.
  Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds smoldered with a unique blend of spices then toasted to crunchiness.
Wasabi Pumpkin Seed

Roasted pumpkin seeds with a kick of tangy Japanese wasabi to enliven your day.
  Chicken Flavor Nut Cracker

Rekindle the joys of savoring an old school snack with Mr Best roasted peanuts coated with chicken seasoning. Be sure that every crunch of Mr Best chicken flavor nut cracker is from our hearts to you.
Cuttlefish Nut Cracker

Mr Best peanuts are simmered in cuttlefish sauce so that youíd end up with a snack basting with the flavor of grilled cuttlefish. We have added selected cuttlefish that are dried, skinned and sliced by hand as an impeccable enhancement to roasted peanuts.
  Prawn Cracker

You would love to chow down on our scrumptious oil-fried prawn cracker pepped up with rich Thai shrimp sauce for that mouthful of exotic taste.
Honey Almonds

Roasted almonds and honey are simply a match made in heaven.

Available in 35g, 70g and 100g

Great with your favourite drinks! Even greater for chilling out with your best pals.

Available in 130g
  Shandong Groundnuts

Probably the most famous groundnuts ever! Definitely big in size and taste.

Available in 130g
Dried Pistachios

Unprocessed Californian pistachios are oven toasted to crunchiness whilst preserving its natural goodness.
  Honey Peanuts

Crunchy roasted peanuts drenched in mouthwatering honey and oven baked for that extra crunch.
Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruits

New Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruits products coming your way soon!
  Roasted Cashew Nuts

Fresh roasted cashews sprinkled with a dash ofsalt. One bite and youíll be hooked to this classic old-fashioned nut favorite.
Healthy Nuts

Mr Best healthy nuts comprises of wolfberries, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, Californian raisins and baby almonds. The ingredients are oven toasted under the perfect temperature and state-of-the-art technology to preserve its natural goodness while giving it the most delectable crunch. It could be eaten on its own, used as toppings on your favorite desert or even in your unique home cooked ethnic-styled fried rice.
  Slimming Nuts

Mr Best slimming nuts are premium gourmet mixed nuts comprising of Californian almonds, Indian cashews, Australian peanuts, Californian raisins and Turkish figs that has no oil added and oven baked. These nicely bottled fresh nuts are decadent nut gifts that can never go wrong, be it as a simple thank you gift, gift of appreciation or just a thinking of you gift. Perfect for use in trail mixes, as toppings or just for snacking on.
Dried Almonds

Unprocessed Californian almonds are oven toasted to crunchiness whilst preserving its natural goodness.
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